Do detail research on the cause you want to raise the funds for. Search if somebody is already crowdfunding for the same cause if then you can co-operate together in the same campaign. Use facts, figures, and images for your cause. Spend time very well to make your story attractive. The all good campaigns are fully funded within a few days.

After your campaign is published connect with other like-minded community members. Try to see if you can support their cause. Building a good profile in our community will help your campaign to quickly reach among thousands of prospective donors and supporters.


Once your campaign is live then you will get a shareable link to your campaign. Sharing the link on different social Media and relevant forums can get your campaign a good expose within few hours. The good marketing campaign can bring a full donation in a few days.

Project Writing 

Write a precise story about your cause. Make it rich with Medias. You cause should be clear to the audience. Do not panic while doing research or developing the campaign. Fundraising can get some time for the beginners.

Report Writing 

Once you have raised the fund for your cause and started working on it to bring it to live, you must submit its report to the Society Development and donors. While doing so make your report rich with fact and figures. Include images, videos, and other topics. This will help to gain more trust in our community.


While donating look for the cause and people behind it. Do not make a donation in hassle, as it is not refundable. Your donation works best if you can also participate in the cause.