Terms and Conditions

To Fundraiser:

  1. Include Your Intellectual Details,actual project proposal and legal Documents.
  2. Project shall be published minimum for one month.
  3. Project shall be published and maximum for six months.
  4. Requested fund shall be at least USD. 100 or NPR. 10,000.
  5. The requested fund shall be unlimited.
  6. Once the project meets the least requirement of the first month, the project can be published until it reaches its target fund.
  7. Once the project meets the least requirement of the first month, the fundraiser can publish another crowdfunding project.
  8. The bank account of the project fundraiser shall be in his/her/organization name.
  9. Raised fund shall be sent to the bank account of project fundraiser in the second week of every month.
  10. No projects shall violate any terms and conditions, claim or protest.
  11. Project fundraiser shall send the progress report of the project in each month after executing the project.
  12. No misuse of the raised fund shall be made.
  13. Once the project collects USD.100 or NRS.1000, it will be sent to the fundraiser’s bank account.
  14. Project fundraiser shall be responsible for marketing his/her fundraising campaign.
  15. The projects shall submit all required documents before publishing it online.
  16. The fundraiser shall facilitate the donors donating above USD.500 or NPR. 100000 with 3 days of Free homestay and participation in the project.
  17. Volunteers shall be encouraged to participate in the projects and shall be certified after completion of the project.
  18. After your project fund raising time line finishes it will automatically be retired and so it will not be able to receive additional donations from any donors.

Payments that shall be paid by fundraiser:

  1. Registration fee for institutional project is free.
  2. Registration fee for personal project is free.
  3. Service fee of 5 – 11% shall be deducted from the total raised fund.
  4. Third party and international payment settlement charge will be 3.5%.
  5. Remittance fees shall be applicable as of the market standards.
  6. Bank transfer fees shall be applicable as per the bank’s rule.
  7. The raised fund’s less than of USD.100 or NPR.10000 shall go to Society Development.
  8. All the international payments are made on current USD rate.


  1. Minimum amount of donation shall be USD.1 or NPR.10
  2. Maximum amount of donation shall be unlimited.
  3. The name and id of the project that donor wants to fund shall be clearly mentioned.
  4. Donor shall mention necessary details as required.
  5. The scan copy of voucher of donation provided by the bank or remit shall be sent to Society Development by the donor.
  6. The donated fund is not refundable.
  7. Donors shall donate the projects in Society Development only through Society Development’s authorized channels.
  8. Donors shall not intent to participate in any kind of money laundering services using our platform.

Services, Facilities and Security of Donors:

  1. Donor’s name and donation records shall be published online in Society Development’s website forever.
  2. The donor making donation above USD .1000 or NPR.100000 will get 3 days free home stay and participation in the project.
  3. Donors can volunteer in the projects. For which they shall be certified at the end of the project.
  4. The donors are provided with latest online security tools to keep their Society Development account safe.
  5. Donors donating above USD. 1000 or NPR.100000 shall be entitled with certificate of appreciation.

Projects That Are Not Allowed:

  • Project that support any political activity is not allowed to raise funds in Society Development platform.
  • Project can not raise funds for the projects associated with particular religion.
  • Projects related to drug abuse issues are not allowed to raise funds through Society Development platform.
  • Society Development is not a donor, it is a platform that connects people supporting same social cause.