Services Fees

There’s no cost for the individual, nonprofits and corporations to join our crowdfunding platform. Instead, society development retains a 5 -11% support fee plus a 3.5% third-party processing fee on donations. Society development works hard to keep costs low. This covers our vetting costs and enables us to deliver even more money to our partners.


  1. Third party transaction and international payment gateway fee of 3.5% is applicable to the funds raised.
  2. Currency exchange rate would depend on the receivers banks.
  3. All foreign funds raised shall be transferred to the account only and there will be a wire transfer fee of bank or remit depends per transfer irrespective of the amount raised. (Please note this is the fee charged by the bank and there could be additional charge by the intermediate bank)
  4. Support Fees are negotiable for larger commitments.
  5. Project promotion cost will be added & as per requirements.


Sn. Type of project Success  project Nonsuccess project International payment gateway fees Platform fees
1 Individuals 6% 9% 3.5% Free
2 Nonprofits 5% 8% 3.5% Free
3 Corporate 8% 11% 3.5% Free