Education Materials for 120 Musahar Community Children in Nepal.

Project Problem Details

Musahar people especially live in Naukailawa villege development committee in Sarlia District province number 2 of South-estern Nepal. Musahar is one of the under-privileged living group of Terai, Nepal.  This community is mostly found in Rautahat and Sarlahi district. There are approximately 2 lakhs Musahar in Nepal. This group usually does not have their own land and they collect rice grains stored by rats on its nest for survival. Besides this, they engage in break factory and agriculture in the landlord’s land. They are considered to be untouchable group by the other communities and are dominated in each and every sectors i.e. school, health post, public place etc. Neither their parents seem worried about their education. The level of education awareness was so pathetic that they never seem worried about their children education. The situation of Musahar is too critical that they could not afford their children for their schooling. The future of poor Musahar is in darkness.

Project Solution Details

To achieve our goal to support Musahar educational status, we need to fulfil the total economic goal we pursue with Global Giving. Through this project we can able to provide basic education materials to all 1 to 5 class musahar children like book, copy, geometry box, pencil, pen and school uniform and bag, colligate and toothbrush, school shoes, stationary materials etc. and encourage musahar children to go to school and aware about the important of education. Under this project musahar children will be upgrade their educational status in the society. Through this project, we hope to change the educational status of musahar community. Awareness program for all communities of society is most significant that assist to achieve our project plan.  It is also necessary to train musahar with skill to make them self- dependent and necessary to improve health and sanitation in musahar community. Awareness program will be organized to aware musahar children parents for the continuity of school of their children. This project will organize Skills development training for parents about how to generate revenue by using their own local resources. All donations to this fund will make enable to support musahar community children in promoting quality and sustainable education. Education play vital role which can change entire life of musahar community.


Result Output Details

The project will have a positive impact on musahar children education and musahar children will continue their schooling with perfect environment. Through this project musahar children will build themselves as autonomous being through education and in future they will be able to lead the community and will be able to participate in the main stream of the government. This project focused on improving musahar children confidence and self- sufficiency through education and awareness. This project will have lasting effects on musahar community of over 65 households. We know that donation help improve social problem that exit in our society since musahar are less educated and in the future the quality education will assist them to upgrade their life status in the society.


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