Program for supporting Livelihood through Agricultural and Livestock Services .

Project Problem Details

Although Pyuthan has the cultivable land about 42814 hectares(34%),only 17.6% of the land is cultivated in the current period. Among 44,423 HHs,93.6 % of the people depend on agriculture in the district however the product is not sufficient to meets the overall food dependency of the district. Food dependency of the HHs in the district has been denoted on the table below

Timeline Farmer HH % Remarks
Sufficient for 1-3 month 4825 11
Sufficient for 4-6 month 15413 34
Sufficient for 7-9 month 11435 26
Sufficient for 10-12 month 3101 7
Sufficient for whole year 9649 22
Total 44,423 100
(Source: National Agriculture Census 2068,CSB)

Farmers in Pyuthan are gradually giving up growing traditional crops like rice, wheat, and maize and adopting vegetable farming consider the latter’s better return on investment. Most farmers grow organic vegetables and as such vegetables high demand in the market, they get good prices for their produce.As the district is in hilly region ,the cultivable land is low as compared to the terrain territory.

Project Solution Details

Project aims to improve the capacity building of the farmer groups, goat groups of the marginalized community of the project area providing the technical support to maintain the food security through this project. In the tenure of the project., FIRDO will also support for the off seasonal marketing, IPM demonstration and high value crops promotion so as to produce crops which are nutritional, organic and is off high value in the market. FIRDO will construct 20 water schemes for the irrigational purpose to improve agricultural productivity .Similarly in case of off farm activity, FIRDO will support for the breed improvement, shed management and deworming of the livestock where it contributes for increasing the production capacity hereby results in healthy off-springs which will support the farmers for the income generation as well defined in the Global Sustainable Development Goals under the 1,2 and 3 subheading .Project will also support for the involvement of stakeholders and local government to implement jointly towards the sustainability of the informal groups to be registered for accessing with the services.

Result Output Details

Vegetable and livestock group strengthened and capacitated.
Farmer groups trained and best practice demonstrated.
Livestock farmers trained with improved livestock rearing practices and well managed fodder.
Marketing channel and systems are established and operated.
Climate change technology and irrigation systems are strengthened and demonstrated.

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About the Campaign


Support to build a literate and rightful society raising their lifestyles through the use of economical, social, natural and human resources


A prosperous society with sustainable development measures will be formed.


FIRDO has currently undertaken 5 projects namely: 1-GOAL II 2-Paani 3-MEDPA 4-VFL 5-IPM



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