Help Build Life skills Training Center for Vulnerable Children

Project Problem Details

UN Article 26 “Everyone has rights to education. Education shall be free, at least at the basic stages.” Unfortunately, this is not attainable in Jos and other communities in Plateau State and as result, many youth: orphans and vulnerable kids mostly from humble homes cannot afford to attend community or government school in the area. This leads to increased youth illiteracy level with girl-child topping the list. Other challenges relating to this are youth violent conflict, drug abuse & crimes.

Project Solution Details

A pilot project center will be rented (then new one built) in Jos and other activities such as – Training, Workshops, Conferences, Radio and Television Programs, including a state of the art ICT center will also be developed and sponsored.
At the Life-skill Center, about 150 young people for starter, mostly orphans and street children (7-12 years old) will engage in basic reading and writing class. And 65 youth also for starter (13-25 years old) will learn vocational skills: such as, Beauty Salon Empowerment Skill, Soap Making Skill, Music Writing and Production Skill, Local Pomade Making Skill, Weaving, Moringa, Tailoring and Simple Shoe Making Skills etc. Children also do many creative tasks in agriculture and campaigns focusing on protecting the planet. 7 local instructors and 5 resource persons and 25 volunteers/health workers will be recruited and trained to handle both stages (for the kids and youth).

Result Output Details

– Building community based confidence in poverty reduction and violence control through youth engagement in literacy/vocational skills trainings;
– Using campaigns and writing petitions to challenge government and corporate bodies to respond to educational needs of orphans, vulnerable children and crisis affected youth in Jos Plateau and Nigeria;
– Bridging poverty divide and extending hope to poor and hopeless families; and
– Employment creation and environmental education for vulnerable youth and children.

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About the Campaign


MISSION: Youth Education and Leadership Initiative (YELI) is a Non-profit and Non-Governmental organisation formed out of a pressing desire to rescue a succeeding generation of the human person from education related problems and leadership challenges. The project anticipates promoting universal basic education projects in primary and secondary schools to reduce ignorance and illiteracy among the youth in and out of schools. We will be contributing to integral and intellectual development through effective leadership building and institution of intensive reading culture in the society for poverty reduction and building peace and harmony among youth in the World, Nigeria and Africa in particular. YELI is a ten-man board of advisory youth development and growth focused organisation registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) No CAC/IT/No 41511, and working with both Christian and Muslim youth in and out of schools.


VISION: Towards promoting reading culture and engaging youth and leaders in interactions on best practices to reduce ignorance, illiteracy, leadership ineffectiveness and poverty, to increase young peoples’ access to developing self, building positive attitude and finding the opportunity to train and acquire life-skills.


THE MANDATE: The project is designed with the mandate to expand learning capacity of young people in primary and secondary schools so they are able to build confidence in essay writing, self expression, effective communication of written words and finding accurate ways to access the ability to form words creatively so as to have a better livelihood. We are also committed to building a stronger leadership process in Nigeria through youth capacity building in democracy and peace building activities. OUR AIMS IN YELI: - We aim to change the face of leadership for youth and integral development of the society. - We aim to connect youth to various educational scholarship opportunities in school fees, books, uniforms, math sets, pens, nutritional food suppliments, school bags, sandals and healthcare needs. - We aim to offer effective access to the internet for sustained reading, research and capacity building training vocationally to the youth and other vulnerable groups. - We aim to provide free peace, election and human rights education to youth in and out of schools so they are able to advocate for its success in their various homes and communities.



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