Empowering Vulnerable and Marginalized Children of Bajura through Education

Project Problem Details

Centre for Children Education and Environment Nepal (Concern Bajura) was established in 2015 with a view to provide a shelter and quality education to the most vulnerable and marginalized children of Bajura district which is one of the poorest districts out of 77 in Nepal. After having buildings 13 orphanages children started living and going to nearby schools. It has been two years since we started a child care home to provide with them better shelter, health and education. However we are having difficulty to manage that requires a lot of human and financial resources. So, we have not been able to afford all cost associated with food, clothing, education materials and health. There was not any single organization in the district to take care of abandoned and orphanage children through childcare home with the huge community support. Concern Bajura has one of the unique local organizations in entire far west province to get tremendous amount of support from the local government, individuals from within and outside of country.

Project Solution Details

To achieve our goal to support orphanage children who have been deprived of their basic rights for education, shelter and health we need financial and human resources. As well as we need to fulfil the total economic goal we pursue with society development. Under this project, marginalized orphanage children of Bajura will get better shelter, education as well as improve their health condition. All children will be carefully selected through the process that identifies highly vulnerable and marginalized communities and assist them for their better education, shelter and health. Through this project vulnerable and marginalized children life will become a golden memory.

Result Output Details

This project will have a positive impact on vulnerable and marginalized children of Bajura because vulnerable children will provide better education, shelter and health and uplift their independent identity in the future. This project will give us an opportunity to better serve the targeted children in existing childcare home, on the other hand, our organization Concern Bajura would be happy to run a campaign against child marriage, child trafficking and make aware on child rights which will be contributing to make authorities accountable towards children. From this project, vulnerable and marginalized children will have benefited in terms of education,shelter, health and will make a huge difference in their lives. Particularly, orphanages children will be provided a quality education which would make them happy and prosperous in the future. Violation of child rights from different sectors has put many children at risk without having education, health and proper care in our society. These funds or support will make us enable to reach out to more vulnerable children to provide a better care and education.

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About the Campaign


To make the society a better place for children through child rights promotion, networking with like-minded organizations and creating a conducive environment at every level.


People are living a life with dignity, harmony and free from all kind of discriminations.


This organization is more concerned on providing quality education, shelter, health and sanitation. We are running the childcare home for 13 orphanage children to ensure their basic rights. Similarly, Concern Bajura has provided 3500 sanitary pads, 250hygienic kits, 2000 clothes to school children and people. We do believe that we can make a difference in the lives of people if we work with honesty and integrity. We hope that we can build a community in which every person can live a happy and prosperous life.



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