Raising funds for asia world model united nations program participation.

Project Problem Details

Asia World Model United Nation (AWMUN-III), an UN project which is going to be held in Bali by 13th November, 2019 has recently selected we few nepalese students for participation over there. Especially the selected students across the world with age ranging 17-25 participates in the conference. We selected students are much exicited for it on the one side, but on the other side our ability to pay for it is almost null. The participants have to attend via self funding or via donation or sponsorship. Self funding for us is almost difficult to bear such a great expense to attend in the conference with accomodation cost ( $400 ) and flight charges ( Nrs 25,000 plus ) per head. Although few of the selected delegate can go for self funding, but we majority is facing the lacks of adequate funds. I hope this platform could revive our dreams again.

Project Solution Details

The only solution for us to accomplish our goals is either sponsorship or donations. Self funding is almost like a herculean task for us. So we believes that few helping hands can change our life or career in different way which gives us enough spaces to explore our potentials and implement it to make our world beautiful.

Result Output Details

We are sure that we can learn and experience lots of world changing arts, skills and ability, and even more we can explore our hidden potentials.
After returning from the events, we are planning to utilize the amount of our expertise, skills and knowledge in leadership building projects and skills development so as to assists in nation building campaign, and be a part of world changer.

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About the Campaign


To be a part of UN world changer, and contributes significantly working under UN SDGs .


To change the family, society and nation.


Fully devoted under UN SDGs goals.



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