1. Society Development Foundation will obtain financial and physical support for the sustainable social development project with the various national and international donors, organizations,s, and institutions.
  2. Providing various non-profit organizations, individual, basic requirement fulfillment through financial and physical support.
  3. Inspiring for the investment, for social development to various business person and entrepreneurs and investors will manage the investment forum for the sustainable social development.
  4. Maintaining coordination among social groups and organizations and conducting social development work.
  5. Providing a scholarship for the economically deprived, marginalized, and aborigine children.
  6. Demand project proposal with various individuals, corporate and non-profit organizations for crowd-funding and financial support to achieve the goal of the project plan.
  7. Organize and conduct skill-oriented training for the economic development of the society.
  8. Helping individuals and non-profit organizations in nearly every country, from the biggest to smallest projects related to education, health, economic development, drinking water, road, electricity likewise for the society.
  9. Conduct financial-economic and physical support, donation amount with national and international personalities, organizations, and institutions for solving the social problems and for the support or progressive development of the society.
  10. Providing the crowdfunding online fundraising platform for individuals, non-profits, and corporate.