Crowdfunding Platform

Crowdfunding   is a method used by a person or organization to make financial collections for social or individual cause and project plan. And it is one of the must easier way of collecting the fund to achieve the project plan, objectives and goals. Different means are used for this type of crowdfunding. One of the most popular in recent times is Online Fundraising Crowdfunding Platform. Crowdfunding platform are generally of four types: Donation Based, Equity Based, Rewards Based and Debt Based crowdfundind platform.  We have provided a crowdfunding platform based on Donation Base in every country.

Recently by using the technology for financial assistance in various regions of Nepal as well as in every country Society Development has provided a crowdfunding platform for individual, non-profit and corporate.  This is Nepal first and largest crowdfunding platform. Society Development crowdfunding platform is available not only in Nepal but in countries around the world. This platform has multiple languages as there are multiple languages which can be donated to multiple currencies. Therefore, we have paid special attention to transparency, reliable, accountable, and all such activities will be transparently done through this kind of online fundraising platform. We provide a platform for individual, non-profit and corporate as well as various other sectors that can contribute to the sustainable social development of the society and can collect the necessary funds by conducting a fundraising campaign through our platform.